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Taking Orion out for a Test Drive

Steve Pitcher

Some open-source development adventures of a former IT Director.

Written by Steve Pitcher

I’ve been in out of the IBM i development trenches for a while now. In fact, I can say I haven’t really written too much RPG or CL code in the last five years, due to on the roles I occupied in my former day job as an IT Director. The most I could muster is a whole lot of LotusScript.

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TechTip: The .NET Core Framework

Provide support for a variety of chip and OS targets.

joydip kanjilalWritten by Joydip Kanjilal

Since the initial version of .NET Framework (the first beta version of .NET 1.0 was released in the fall of 2000), Microsoft has released many more upgrades over the years. With an intent to make the framework cross-platform, open source, and modular, the software giant has now come up with .NET Core Framework.

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TechTip: Discovering Bluemix

The fastest way to discover Bluemix is to sign up for a free trial and start using it.

Ashok IyengarWritten by Ashok K. Iyengar

Editor’s note: This article is an excerpt from the book IBM Cloud Platform Primer.


Bluemix is IBM’s enterprise-grade cloud development and deployment platform—in other words, Platform as a Service (PaaS). It is hosted on SoftLayer, which is IBM’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). What makes Bluemix “open” is the fact that it’s built on top of and is an extension of the Cloud Foundry open-source development and deployment cloud platform. Combining the strength of IBM’s software with third-party technologies while using Cloud Foundry to keep it open, Bluemix offers an integrated development experience in the cloud. It helps both born-on-the-cloud and enterprise developers build applications with their choice of tools and languages. Bluemix features cloud integration services that enable a secure connection between an organization’s public apps and its private assets.

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TechTip: A Freeware IDE for PHP Development

If you're developing in PHP and want that development to take place within an IDE, CodeLobster offers a no-cost solution.

stas ustimenkoWritten by Stanislaus Ustimenko

Code development, particularly for creation of websites, often calls for the use of PHP, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript for best results. CodeLobster PHP Edition is a portable IDE that embodies a code editor and numerous other utilities for such projects and is available in a freeware and two licensed shareware versions.

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The Business Case for IBM i Green Screen Modernization

The top business reasons, supported by real-world examples, why giving your green screens a web GUI adds value to your IBM i.

Written by BCD Software, a Quadrant Company

Editor's note: This article introduces the ebook "The Business Case for IBM i Green Screen Modernization," which is free to download from the MC White Paper Center.


Many organizations rely on the IBM i (formerly the AS/400 and iSeries) to run critical business applications like ERPs. Although the IBM i is a rock-solid, modern platform, its green-screen interface limits productivity and makes it look like antiquated technology.

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TechTip: Some Lesser-Known RDi (and WDSc) Features

Drag and drop save files (SAVF) between your PC and the IBM i. Search PC files with a preview of the found lines. Access your PC like Windows Explorer does.

sam lennonWritten by Sam Lennon

There are some PC capabilities built into the Rational Developer for i (RDi) IDE that may not be immediately obvious. In this TechTip, I'll introduce you to a few that you may find useful. Note that this article is based on running RDi (or WDSc) on Microsoft Windows. There is nothing here that addresses a Mac- or a Linux-based machine.

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TechTip: Building Charts with Highcharts, Part 1

Create your first charts using the best chart tool ever!

jan jorgensenWritten by Jan Jorgensen

During the last few months, I have been working on a project to present web-based reports as charts. When we started the project, no chart tool was selected and we had a few rules that had to be taken into account:

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TechTip: Build Web Apps with the Flip of a LightSwitch

Microsoft LightSwitch allows developers to quickly create HTML applications with minimal coding.

Written by Michael Sansoterra

In my article on SOA and REST, I explained in general terms how to build applications that can be accessed from virtually any device or platform within your own private network or from the Internet. Further, in IBM i Devs Get Some REST with OData, I discussed the OData protocol (aka "ODBC for the web") and explained how it's used to build a self-describing REST API so that "OData-aware" tools can easily integrate with an OData-based API. In this article, I show how all the pieces of developing a modern app, including using multiple tiers and OData-based REST access, come together using Microsoft's LightSwitch. I'll also reveal a stumbling block for IBM i shops that want to use LightSwitch.

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