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Post to a Web Form Using Visual Basic

The Internet Transfer Control simplifies programmatic Internet communications.

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An Easier Way to Find OS/400 Job Numbers in Multi-tiered Applications

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Hang a Left at Calendarville and Head to the AS/400 Meeting Scheduler

Share your schedule with a meeting scheduler that uses the AS/400 and Visual Basic.

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Using the Visual Basic DataGrid Control

This overview of the DataGrid control can help you pick the right application and SQL-based OLE DB provider.

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Full Frontal Access

If you're an RPG programmer and programming front-end applications in Microsoft's Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) seems like a foreign language, this is the article for you.

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Much Ado About ADO!

Your pulse will quicken when you see how ADO picks up the pace on data manipulation.

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Object-oriented Programming with Visual Basic

Java is getting all the attention these days, but VB has been doing the same stuff for a lot longer.

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Programming in Visual Basic Using the IBM AS/400 SDK for ActiveX and OLE DB

Use the tools in IBM's AS/400 SDK for ActiveX and OLE DB to build AS/400 client/server applications.

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